Belly dance and the Chakras

The quality of belly dance is like that of shimmer, “It not only colors your life, it makes you sparkle” –Pooja Wadke   This week we will focus more on the energy within us and how belly dance can balance this energy. All of us are energies vibrating in different frequencies, these energies allow us …

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Becoming Aware

Within every Woman there is a Healer, a Lioness, a Wild Woman, a Priestess, a Goddess. Never forget that. Give yourself Wings! ~Margo Awanata. Remember who you really are and connect to yourself, your body and soul, to Mother Earth, to the Energy of the Universe, to Divinity…   Becoming aware of the energy within …

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Health Benefits of Belly Dance

Health Benefits of Belly Dance Practicing Belly Dance can have many rewarding health benefits both physical and mental. Like many dance styles your entire body works with the music to convey a story. What’s unique about this dance style is that it was created by women, for women (We will dive deeper into that in …

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What is Belly Dance?

Belly dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance with its roots digging deep into the cultures of the Middle East, Asia, Africa and India. This dance style focuses on the natural female body structure allowing women to embrace their femininity. Historically, belly dancing provided and today still provides women with an outlet to …

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