Becoming Aware

Within every Woman there is a Healer, a Lioness, a Wild Woman, a Priestess, a Goddess. Never forget that. Give yourself Wings! ~Margo Awanata.

Remember who you really are and connect to yourself, your body and soul, to Mother Earth, to the Energy of the Universe, to Divinity…


Becoming aware of the energy within and around you connects you with your inner goddess. We are going to focus on how these internal goddesses and universal energy can be used as a form of release and benefit your mind, body and soul. Energy is cyclical, it cannot go away so instead it flows in a spiral-like motion. It’s present in every breath, every movement, we see even our DNA in the shape of energy. Galaxies are shaped by energy, the moon pulls the tides with energy, the sounds we hear and things we see are all available to us through energy waves, even our economy and our own vitality fluctuates in a pattern of energy. But how can we harness this energy and use it for our own benefit?


We can start by grounding ourselves with the Earth. “We say that our bodies are sacred, because they bring forth life, because they are life, because they give us pleasure, because with them we make, build, think, laugh, create, and do.” (Starhawk). 

Try going outside and standing on the ground with your bare feet and kiss the Earth with your feet. Feel the connection you have with nature as you close your eyes and inhale her energy and send it back through the ground with your feet. Grounding is very important because as we know, energy fluctuates, what goes up must come down and what goes in must come out. This is essential in becoming aware of the energy flowing through and around you at any point in time. 


There are many ways to exercise your communication with your energies and harness them. Next week  we will dive deeper  into how  belly dance is one of the best ways to harness this communication and open your energy centers. 


Please leave a comment below with any questions or thoughts you have and we look forward to having you join us again next week!

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