About us

Majestic Woman™️

Majestic Woman – is a Global network that aims to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of women and offers many different methods of healing treatments to benefit the mind, body and soul specializing in:

The Art of Bellydance – entertains and educates females of all levels of skill, from no experience to the professional level to enjoy life, endure self confidence, self love and improve skills through The Art of Belly Dancing with participation of world renowned coaches and instructors.

  • Tarot card readings
  • Energy healing – this restores the body’s natural flow of balanced energy

  Anastasia Van Curen has an inherited gift from her ancestors’ heritage and many years of devotion to the healing practice. Naturopathy healing the mind, body and soul through natural, organic and herbal remedies helping you to boost your overall health. Anastasia  is a certified Naturopath and believes in the healing powers of nature, energy and its remedies.

Life Coaching: Anastasia is a Certified Life Coach, Member of ICF, devoted her practice to empower and support women to achieve balance in Life – Happiness,  Success, Health and Prosperity.

Spiritual Enhancement through Deep Meditation and Yoga: 

Our methods use many ancient long forgotten techniques inviting you to explore your conscience to create inner peace and well being leading to a happy, healthy and balanced existence.


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